Spring 2012 Meeting Schedule

Group meetings for the Spring 2012 semester will take place on Mondays from 12:00 PM – 1:30 PM in the Chipman Room (6-104) unless otherwise noted.Presentations are limited to 20 minutes.Group presentation template can be found by clicking here (Certificates required).


Date Title Presenter (with subgroup updates)
02/13/2012 Chemomechanical regulation of integrin activation and cellular processes in acidic extracellular pH Ranjani Paradise (PN)
02/20/2012 Mechanotransduction in oligodendrocyte differentiation Anna Jagielska (EC)
02/27/2012 Reactive Epoxy/Ni-Al Nanocomposites Abdul Thelakkadan
03/05/2012 Defect formation and electronic properties of FeS2 (pyrite) Will Herbert (CMI)
Meeting in Von Hippel (13-2137)
Imaging Dissolution of Clinker Phases / First Steps of Setting Romain Grossier (PN)
03/19/2012 Relating the mechanical properties of human mesenchymal stem cells to biological and physical function Remi Jolibois-Quinot (EC)
03/26/2012 No Meeting No Meeting
04/02/2012 Chemomechanics at the cell-cell interface critical to angiogenesis Adam Zeiger (CMI)
04/09/2012 C-S-H in high performance concrete for blast mitigating applications Deepak Jagannathan (PN)
04/16/2012 Happy Patriots Day! No Meeting No Meeting
04/23/2012 Microbially Induced Corrosion in Extreme Environments Kwan Li (EC)
04/30/2012 Computational Design of Tissue Surrogate Polymers Aarthy Adityan (CMI)
05/07/2012 Do MSC nuclei contain useful cell sorting information Matt Whitfield (PN)
05/14/2012 FEA Designing of Tissue Surrogate Gels Wen Shen (EC)
05/21/2012 Mechanical Properties of Tissue Simulants and Soft Tissues Under Extreme Loading Conditions Ilke Kalcioglu (CMI)
Cell-Materials Interfaces Subgroup (CMI) Polymers/Polymer Nanocomposites Subgroup (PN) Engineering Composites Subgroup (EC)
Ranjani, Matt, Chia-Hua, Anna, John, Adam, Remi Abdul, Aarthy, Wen, Irene, Roza, Ilke Patrick, Romain, Deepak, Will, Kwan