Spring 2013 Meeting Schedule

Group meetings for the Spring 2013 semester will take place on Mondays from 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM in the Chipman Room (6-104), unless otherwise noted.

Date Title Presenter (Ind’l update group)
02/11/2013 Tissue cell “fluidity” and its robustness as a rheological parameter of cell mechanics John Maloney (CMI)
02/18/2013 No Meeting No Meeting
02/25/2013 TBD Will Herbert (PC)
03/04/2013 TBD Roza Mahmoodian (CMI)
03/11/2013 TBD Kwan Li (PC)
03/18/2013 Development of rapid, small-scale assays for microbially influenced corrosion of carbon steels Matt Whitfield (CMI)
03/25/2013 No Meeting No Meeting
04/01/2013 (Meeting in Von Hippel 13-2137) Fluctuations of chromatin in the undifferentiated and differentiated oligodendrocytes Anna Jagielska (PC)
04/08/2013 High temperature nanoindentation of oxides for solid oxide fuel cells Jessica Swallow (CMI)
04/15/2013 No Meeting No Meeting
04/22/2013 Biopanning for Selecting Weak Affinity Ligands for Cell Separation Chia-Hua Lee (PC)
04/29/2013 Chemomechanics of Self-Oscillating Gels Irene Chen
05/06/2013 Matrix effects on angiogenic processes Frances Liu (CMI)
05/13/2013 (Meeting in Von Hippel 13-2137) Cell-cell and cell-matrix chemomechanics in angiogenesis Adam Zeiger (PC)
05/20/2013 Water in Cement: Mechanical Effects of Elevated Temperature Patrick Bonnaud (CMI)
Cell-Materials Interfaces Subgroup (CMI) Polymers & Composites Subgroup (PC)
Matt, Chia-Hua, Anna, John, Adam, Frances Patrick, Will, Kwan, Jess, Irene, Roza